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Our History

We have been training GSDs and handlers in Leeds for over 60 years. We started out as part of The British Association For German Shepherd Dogs where we became and continued to be the largest branch. Between 2008 and 2020 the club grew in popularity, we went from running 3 classes on a Sunday to running up to 12 classes. We have enjoyed a year on year growth in membership during that time that we are justifiably proud of. This happened because we did one simple thing. We asked our members what they wanted from their club. They told us, we listened and we gave them what they wanted plus much more besides. This was a pivotal moment in our club's rich history. We became a club that people loved to come to, they could make friends with like minded people, get GSD specific expert training and help, get involved with so many other activities all of which revolved around one thing, our GSDs. For many of us our club has become a huge part of our lives and we love being part of it.

In January 2021 we became an independent training club. This allowed us more freedom to modernise our approach, further improve our image and grow the club into something that delivers what our members want from their club. Through a comprehensive new training scheme for our instructors we will develop our team's skills and knowledge beyond anything we have done before and hopefully inspire a next generation of handlers, some of which will be chosen to become instructors. All these things will allow us to pursue other avenues that will increase the already excellent value for money that our members enjoy and ensure our continued success well into the 21st century and beyond.

This isn't our club, we are merely a part of it's history and it is our job to nurture it. It is our duty to pass it on to the next generation in a better state than when it was passed to us


We aim to offer exceptional value for money. The club is completely self funding and no instructor or club official is paid. We are all volunteers and give up our time willingly. If asked why, we would all answer for our shared love of the German Shepherd Dog.

  • Single Annual Membership - £20.00
  • Family Annual Membership - £30.00
  • Concessionary Single Annual Membership - £18.00
  • Concessionary Joint Annual Membership - £28.00
  • Initial 6 Weeks of Training - £35.00
  • Normal Weekly Training Fee - £5.00

  • Download a membership form here: Membership Form

    Club Activities

    Obedience Training

    Puppy Training

    Group Walks

    Fun Agility