Our Methods

We use a mix of tried and tested methods as well as modern techniques. We are a progressive bunch and there are always new things to learn. Modern dog training practices have evolved continuously over the years and we know this shall always be the case. Our instructors started out by becoming BAGSD qualified instructors and have continued to increase their knowledge and skills by attending numerous courses, seminars and workshops. Every day is a learning day.

Our ethos is that it is always about our dogs. We could sit here and tell you how we meet with certain minimum requirements and expectations and that we comply with the latest legislation and guidelines. Of course we do but who wants to join a club that meets minimum standards? These standards are a starting point, at YGSD Training we like to think that we offer the very best kind of training that we are able to. Our approach is fun, we encourage our members to use fun techniques that the dogs enjoy. Dogs tend to thrive in this kind of environment. We are dealing with German Shepherds, if you know anything about the breed you will know how head strong they can be. They need a calm confident leader that they respect. Our methods will help you to gain your dog's trust and respect. You do not gain these things by being harsh, by being a pushover, by being boring or by being anything other than a great pack leader.

We are all about showing you how to mentally stimulate your German Shepherd Dog. They have an amazing capability to learn and to think for themselves, taught in the right way you can see them trying to work a problem and figure out what it is you want. This takes a little patience but results in a thinking dog rather than a robot that simply follow commands because over time it has been forced to follow a particular behaviour pattern. For us it is more about giving the dog a choice, choose to do wrong thing and nothing happens, choose to do the right thing and all the fun stuff happens and good things come. Before long your GSD will actually want to do the right thing.